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Dubai Postal code. Dubai doesn’t have zip codes postal code. Spaces and offices acquire individuals and post office boxes use their worker PO box number. Dubai has a geo addressing system called Makani number. Which will be utilized in a way that is similar to some system that is zip/postcode. As being used with their service, ZIP codes are specific to the United States. A few nations have a system, such as the PIN codes.

What is the Dubai Postal code?Dubai Postal code

The Dubai Postal code is 00000.  It is Just adding 00000 if you are forced to use one.  Dubai is a city/state from the United Arab Emirates, and also the U.A.E. doesn’t utilize a ZIP/PIN code or its equal. Post Office Box numbers are utilized. These don’t correspond to geographical locations, but numbered mailboxes to that email are delivered and may then be collected from the individual (s)/firm using that Post Box.

Postal code list for Dubai Sharja Abu Dhabi and other UAE states (but invalid)
Location Zip or Post Code shortcode GIS Notes
United Arab Emirates 00000 UAE
Abu Dhabi 00000 AUH Onwani
Ajman 00000 AJM Makani?
Al Ain 00000 AAN Onwani
Dubai 00000 DXB Makani
Fujairah 00000 FUJ Makani?
Ras Al Khaimah 00000 RAK Makani?
Sharjah 00000 SHJ Sharjah PCS
Umm Al Quwain 00000 UAQ Makani?

What is the Sharja Postal code?

The Sharjah Postal code is 00000 if you have a Place to use forcefully. As we explain above also Sharja state is not using Pin code. ALL UAE states Using its own makani System.

What is the Abu Dhabi Postal code?

The Abu Dhabi Postal code is 00000. Some necessary Places, you can use this code. The Makani number is Used by Abu Dhabi to locate the places.

What is Makani Number in UAE?What is Makani Number in UAE

Unique 10 digit code Makani number Can it be a home, high-rise, hospital, tower or workplace, each construction in Dubai has been numbered, and each amount is exceptional. With this number, someone could find himself or others inside a squared-meter precision.

To learn the coordinates of a destination, the user may type the title of the construction or place from the search bar, and click on the desired outcome. There is Another choice to zoom in on the map, clicking onto the construction or place. Together with the satellite choice, it’s not difficult to recognise the place, adds Abdul Hakim.

PO Box ZIP Code Address Systems for Companies and business in the UAEPO Box ZIP Code Address Systems for Companies and business in the UAE

There is still plenty of correspondence from Banks government authorities or just your clients and suppliers, which comes in hard copies as such as much as we want to go green in the future. We still continue to deal with some correspondence in hard copies in light of this to ensure that you receive relevant printed correspondence.

You must complete the necessary arrangements.

  • The United Arab Emirates do not use zip code system.
  • Therefore if any of your overseas or International clients have plans to mail you something let them know that there is no specific zip code they can mention for delivery instead.
  • You will provide them with a post box number PO Box.
  • There are no properties in the UAE, which come with a PO Box number assigned to them.

Po box for your OfficePo box for your Dubai Office

This means that if you rented an office you will need to Separately rent a PO box from the Emirates post. There are also instances when you will be able to use someone else PO Box instead, for example, if you own an offshore company in the UAE your agent usually provides you with a corporate address where the PO box number is mentioned as such if any of your business contacts and email your agent will receive it in there be a box and inform you accordingly.

If you rent a serviced office in the business centre, you will also be able to State the PO. The number of the service business centre in case you rent a flex the desk from a Freezone Authority. There is most of the time a dedicated PO box number that can be used although a few reasons request.

Now that you rent your own toolbox, finally, if you rent a physical office space in a free zone or you have a local company registered in the mainland, you will definitely need to apply for a few blocks to be able to manage all the correspondence accordingly usually Keep your boxes are located in a different building. So even in a different area from where your company is based, it may happen so that you come to Emirates post office and you are informed that there are no available their boxes in your area. No worries.

Closest available PO Box spots

Check what the closest available PO Box spots are and then apply you should also remember that if your company is registered in one Emirate, you cannot have a PO Box in a different way Brent the PO Box you need to have all your corporate documents available.

In other words, you first need to complete your registration process and then apply for PO box. As soon as the company is formed. It is required to present a trade license copy to the Emirates post and complete sign and stamp the relevant application form Additionally.


You will need to submit the Passport picture of the manager of the company and their passport and a Mercedes copies if you have a freeze on the company, you may be also required to provide an NFC non-objection certificate from your registration Authority, which you will need them to request on the Free Zone Authority separately the total annual PO Box rental charge start from 900 Dirhams with additional 100 Dirhams for registration.


Dependent on additional Services you may request the annual rental fee may go up following the full payment and submission of documents. You will receive two keys from your PO box. It’s number and location PO Box rental period starts on January 1st and finishes on December 31st.

As such if you come to apply and pay for the pillbox service in April your rental payment for the first year will be prorated and instead of regular say 900.

  • You will pay almost twice less.
  • You should remember that as soon as the PO Box is rented. You need to ensure its timely registration renewal after December 31st.
  • You have a one month grace period to renew your corporate PO box.

Otherwise later in your penalties show apply.

In case you do not intend to use your PO Box anymore. You will need to cancel your subscription first return the keys and obtained a letter from Amorous post confirming that you have node used towards Emirates Post in case your PO box is located in a remote area, or you have no time and resources to collect your post from there.

Emirates postEmirates post

Emirates post representative you Address system definitely deserves your attention as recently it has been significantly improved before many streets and why were numbered only and it could happen that two streets into different areas have the same numbering to avoid such confusion the bike introduced a special Makani system the system lists all buildings and assigns each of them a unique 10-digit.

How does Makani number help?

Makani number this unique number helps to identify the location of the building as such locations. It’s of every possible building including governmental establishments hospitals Park commercial buildings houses factories were housed shops are now much easier to find mechanic plication can be easily downloaded from App Store and Google play in this chapter. We have shed light on PO Box culture in the UAE and explain what a pillbox is and why you may need to have one.

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