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lotto result today When peopels are visited our website they should get the accurate results. Basically lotto result is announced on a daily bases as the example is coated bellow. Thousand or millions of lotto games should be played on one day. These lotto games such as 6/58, 6/55 6/49,6/45,6/42.These are the lotto results summary of 9 pm.

When lotto results should be declared?

That lotto results should be declared every day pm. Every lotto player should get results of those games on our websites. We should provide time to time updates on it. We provide you single day lotto result and the history of passing day results. Each and every history of results are available on this website. This page contains this Result lotto result today, lotto results today, lotto result, lotto results, lotto result today, philippine lotto, lotto results today, PCSO lotto results today, lotto draw today, lotto today.

Lotto Result Today January 12, 2020

Latest PCSO lotto results today as of Jan 12, 2020.
loto Draw Results loto Results Jackpot
6/58 loto Results To be updated at 9PM To be updated at 9PM
6/55 loto Results 51-55-14-43-10-50 29,700,000.00
6/49 loto Results To be updated at 9PM To be updated at 9PM
6/45 loto Results 21-04-25-13-11-19 68,523,435.40
6/42 loto Results 16-17-05-30-29-21 28,481,693.80

Source: Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office

lotto result today

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PCSO is the abbreviation of the Phillipian Charity Sweatstake Office. Government agencies which provide different types of facilities like providing funds, Provide health tips included the facilities to give the prizes to those peopels who are participated in lotto games and won the price.PCSO is the main office which makes the strategy to attract the peopels that they participate in lotto and get the lotto results quickly. Philippine lotto also draws in UAE because Phillipian agency is also available in there.

Mostly philippine peoples participate in lotto and crazy for playing the games in that show. Thousands of peopels are getting the chance to play games and get prizes. Peopels get results through lotto results and win prizes in the office of PCSO. A different time is available like(11 am,4 pm,9 pm). Quick results are available on those sites. Great and easy way to get prizes from the lotto.

This page contains this Result.

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LOTTO RESULT TODAY (9 PM Overview ) — PCSO broadcasts the outcomes of multi-million lotto games for example 6/58, 6/55, 6/49, 6/45 and 6/42 regular at 9:00 PM. This page includes the overview such as the variety of winners and the jackpot.

LOTTO RESULT — The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office, broadly called PCSO, has announced the official lotto results now,

The multi-million of tonight draws include Ultra Lotto 6/58 with jackpot prize of Php 70 Super Lotto 6/49 and Million pesos with the projected prize of Php 15 Million pesos.

Lotto players must purchase their 6/58 and 6/49 tickets until 8:00 PM to find an opportunity to win those jackpot prizes.

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The number blend that next comprises the outcome

Growing numbers:
(in any sequence )
6/58 Jackpot:
Php __________

Additionally, gamers need to inspect the 6/58 Lotto Result page to get small prizes.

Growing numbers:
(in any sequence )
6/49 Jackpot:
Php __________

Players must additionally check the 6/49 Lotto Result segment for small prizes in tonight’s 6/49 draw.

Besides 6/58 and 6/49 Lotto, PCSO holds three additional lottery attractions. All these will be the 6/55, 6/45 and 6/42 Lotto. Lotto players may assess the little prizes and outline for all these games : 6/55 Lotto Result, 6/45 Lotto Result and 6/42 Lotto Result.

Meanwhile, the table Includes the lotto results for many draws for example the winning numbers of tonight:

Newest PCSO lotto leads

Draw Result Jackpot
6/58 To be upgraded at 9PM To be upgraded at 9PM
6/55 03-08-27-25-05-44 51,779,537.40
6/49 To be upgraded at 9PM To be upgraded at 9PM
6/45 42-11-04-26-18-31 31,127,784.40
6/42 37-10-42-19-01-25 11,432,697.40

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The PCSO retains and conducts lotteries, races, and charity sweepstakes and participates in actions, jobs, and wellness and welfare-related investments to provide for ongoing and long term sources of capital for its programs. Additionally, it undertakes actions enlarge and to improve such surgeries in addition to strengthen the fund-management capabilities of the agency.

Furthermore, PCSO reminds when enjoying their lotto match all lotto players to recall the next:

Lotto outlets accept bets until 8:00 PM only. Gamers must purchase their tickets before this particular chalk to combine the draw of tonight.
PCSO likewise utilizes a pari-mutuel method in specifying the decoration to be obtained by each winner.
PCSO Agents or approved outlets get a 1 percent commission if a winning ticket is purchased from them.
Finally, the TRAIN law demands PCSO to subtract 20 percent tax from lotto winnings over 10,000.00 pesos.

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